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Organic harvest October 17, 2006

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Dear fellow members

We have a small farm in Zuid-Beveland.  At the moment we are
harvesting many interesting fruits and such.  just wanted to let
people know what we have for sale at the moment:

16 variety of pumpkins, from very small to very big      €0,50 p. kilo
6 variety of  fresh walnuts, a mix      € 3,- p.kilo
12 variety of  “old rases” apples        €0,50 p. kilo
 Quince         €2,-p.kilo (limited)    quince jelly is also for sale €5,- p.
jam pot
everything is organically grown

This year because we are in the middle of renovating we didn’t make
any announcements so it most of our harvest  goes to local grocers,
but if WIGGZ’s are interested I wouldn’t mind them phoning or
dropping by.

Anastasia DeNooijer
Oude Hoeveweg 8
4444 SR ‘s-Heer Abtskerke (Baarsdorp)
0113 567789
06 44428391
Baarsdorp is actually not in ‘s-Heer Abtskerke.  It is closer to
Heinkenszand.  One passes the Hotel Goes, goes over the via duct,
follows the road to the right, and by the cluster of houses, don’t
shut your eyes or you’ve passed it, on the left hand side, a dead end
street, is the Oude Hoeveweg.  It’s the first farmhouse in the street
and one can come up the side entrance seeing the main gate is being
used.  It’s always good to let me know in advance when you’re coming
and what you are interested in so that I can have it ready.

 From Heinkenszand, the St. Pieters dijk keeping to the left, past
the kweker Westhof straight on is Baarsdorp.

Thank you,



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