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Organic harvest October 17, 2006

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Dear fellow members

We have a small farm in Zuid-Beveland.  At the moment we are
harvesting many interesting fruits and such.  just wanted to let
people know what we have for sale at the moment:

16 variety of pumpkins, from very small to very big      €0,50 p. kilo
6 variety of  fresh walnuts, a mix      € 3,- p.kilo
12 variety of  “old rases” apples        €0,50 p. kilo
 Quince         €2,-p.kilo (limited)    quince jelly is also for sale €5,- p.
jam pot
everything is organically grown

This year because we are in the middle of renovating we didn’t make
any announcements so it most of our harvest  goes to local grocers,
but if WIGGZ’s are interested I wouldn’t mind them phoning or
dropping by.

Anastasia DeNooijer
Oude Hoeveweg 8
4444 SR ‘s-Heer Abtskerke (Baarsdorp)
0113 567789
06 44428391
Baarsdorp is actually not in ‘s-Heer Abtskerke.  It is closer to
Heinkenszand.  One passes the Hotel Goes, goes over the via duct,
follows the road to the right, and by the cluster of houses, don’t
shut your eyes or you’ve passed it, on the left hand side, a dead end
street, is the Oude Hoeveweg.  It’s the first farmhouse in the street
and one can come up the side entrance seeing the main gate is being
used.  It’s always good to let me know in advance when you’re coming
and what you are interested in so that I can have it ready.

 From Heinkenszand, the St. Pieters dijk keeping to the left, past
the kweker Westhof straight on is Baarsdorp.

Thank you,



Book Swap October 13, 2006

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Thanks to Janet for hosting our second book swap at the Mission to seafarers.  I’m sure the poor sailors were wondering what was going on, with all the laughter that was emanating from their library.  We also managed to find time for “business”.  So watch this space for concrete details of all that we are now planning for the next few “festive” months.

The next book swap will be held on Wednesday 8th November from 10.00-12.00. Holly Vette has kindly volunteered to host it at her home Jolstraat 29 in Yerseke. You can contact Holly on 0113 573965.


What did you do last Saturday night, Mum? October 2, 2006

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Well, the answer is obvious: I went to Middelburg and met even more new “wigz”and some that I hadn’t seen for a long time. The diversity of women who come along to events never ceases to amaze me, and the number of connections that we have is mind boggling, along the lines of “Oh yes, I know her too!” The coincidences are sometimes a bit spooky. The thing  that really gets me, is that I have realised that I’m not alone and that there are many women who’ve walked this path before me and that I can learn so much from them! As well as having had a jolly good drink and a good old laugh.  Thanks, wigzers, for a good night out!


Calling all dog lovers September 16, 2006

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We are a group of wigzzers with dogs, who get together on a regular basis to walk our pets (and exercise our jaws).  Our next walk will take place on Wednesday 15th November from the Goese Sas.  If you would like to join us, you don’t necessarily need to be a dog owner but definitely a dog lover to take part, then please contact Chris 0113 301554.


September update/Q & A September 4, 2006

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We would like to respond to some questions we’ve had since WIGZ went public

Am I too old to join?  Of course not, everyone is welcome! Those with age and life experience on their side have much to offer our group. Some of us initiators have kids at home and other obligations that keep us busy. We would only be too happy if those with a bit more time on their hands would take the initiative to plan things. And men are welcome too! We had our first male participant at the Family Fun Day. If the numbers grow, we’ll consider a name change.

Is WIGZ from the Mission to Seafarers?  There is no formal connection. The Mission, which is about to celebrate its 40 anniversary, has always had a lot of support from British ex-pats in Zeeland. English is the common language at the Flying Angel Club whether it be in the Sunday service, or in the conversations between international sailors and volunteers. There are volunteers in the shop which sailors use, or volunteers who visit the ships, or volunteers who drive sailors from their ship to the Flying Angel Club. There’s a clubhouse with billiards and ping pong tables and outside there’s a playing field with changing rooms and showers. So it’s simply a great venue for our WIGZ group to gather during some of our events.

What’s happening next?  That’s up to you! We’ve got some plans as you can see from our September t newsletter. We’d like to have a monthly book swap to keep up some continuity and a monthly Family Fun Day at the Mission. But if you have some new ideas, please let us know via wiggzers@gmail.com.  We’d love it if someone said, for example, I’d like to plan a dinner or concert event, a walk, or a Mom and Tots morning, or maybe a social event for international students in Zeeland. WIGZ is new, please feel free to add to its development. However, it’s important to have a central contact for events and ideas so other people, including new members, know what’s being planned. Carol Wattel has kindly offered to be the coordinator.  Please send all your ideas and feedback (good or bad) to Carol via the gmail address.

Family Fun Day at the Mission to Seafarers It was really wonderful to have so many people at the Mission to Seafarers on Sunday. Many thanks to those that came and shared all the delicious food. Even Omroep Zeeland dropped by for a little talk with some WIGZ members. Several people have expressed interest in making the Family Fun Day at the Mission a monthly event. Please feel free to send a message to wiggzers@gmail.com and add any of your own thoughts about this. Would you like to come monthly? Do you want to join in the service or simply the get-together? If it does become a monthly event, we hope people will take turns helping in the kitchen or organizing children’s activities. 


Contact gemail August 31, 2006

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Seeing as niether of the recent articles in the local papers included our gmail address, even though they were provided with said information . It is as follows wigzzers@gmail.com


Welcome to the New WIGZ Website/Weblog July 15, 2006

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Dear All:

As of today, the Women’s International Group Zeeland is proud owner (I hope…) of this weblog. I have also created a separate e-mail account: wigzzers@gmail.com. You can use this address to send all your announcements, messages, pictures, and any other information you wish to share with your fellow Wigzzers to.

Have fun blogging!